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The Dragon As An Archetype

The Dragon[1]

A common occurence in the quests of many heroes is the appearance of a hero. It often represents a major or final obstacle for the hero to overcome in order to achieve the objective of the journey. This is present in Beowulf as the final stage Beowulf must pass to ultimately prove his god-like strength before dying, which displays another heroic archetype, sacrifice. The dragon appears in the movie, Shrek, wherein Shrek and Donkey must outwit the dragon to save Princess Fiona.[1]


Hrothgar serves as the fatherly figure though Beowulf. "The role of an advisor, a father type figure to aid in the instigation of the hero's quest is recurrent in literature." Where Hrothgar is weak, he makes up for in knowledge and experience. "Once Hrothgar, called 'the wise one,' mentored [the] young Beowulf, the son of Ecgtheow rises to the challenge, and [he]fulfills his task" of killing Grendel. Hrothgar is part of the "Jungian archetype of 'the wise old man' who guides the actions of the hero as he seeks individuation and success."[2]


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